How to increase memory power

How to increase memory to learn the thing faster, quicker and keep the same in your mind for a longer time

Everyone wants to increase their memory power and especially the students. With the increasing competition in colleges, institutes and other competitive exams, your memory should be sharp. Students now a day want to do better in every field and subject to they always feel a need of quick, sharp and active mind. If we talk about the schedule of a student, he has to devote at least 6 hours in the school, approx 1 hour in traveling, 2 hours in coaching etc. After that he/she has to complete the home work, tuition work and also need time for other curriculum activities. You need to keep all the thing in your mind or need to recall it quicker.


Below are the tips and techniques to improve your memory power

Smart study

Usually students think studding more for a long time make the thing learn easily but this is not true. Our brain requires break so always keep this in mind that a dedicated short term study is much better than a long time. Everyone is different from other and their brain power is also not the same. So it needs to be analyzed that what amount of time works for you better, what amount of study suits to you.


Practice and Repetition

If there is something which you feel difficult and hard to learn than you need to take special approach in such cases. Recite the thing to yourself, practice the same in writing and imagine the book is being read by some funny character or your ideal person. Repeat the thing in your mind and keep writing it repeatedly on paper.This will help you to make the thing easier.


Mental exercise:

Exercises keep you body fit and active similarly your mind also needs the same. If you don’t do the exercise, it will make your body inactive the same thing applies in case of your mind. Apart from this you also need to train your mind in such a way that whatever you need to remember for a long time, your mind should repeat it yourself.

What time suits to you?

Which time during the entire day works for you the best, what time you feel yourself more comfortable with study. Generally the morning time is considered good for study when you are fresh.

Disturbance and noise

Concentration is required to understand the need better and quickly. Disturbance doesn’t let your mind concentrating on studies. So you need to study in calm environment. You should also not study near to window which distracts your mind from study.

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